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Our mission is to contribute broadly, extensively and positively in the South African and international entertainment industry by providing innovated quality entertainment. Again, the organisation publishes audio and visual art material released in various forms. We strive for excellence. Our focus is on  promoting performing artists from acting, music, modelling and so on.

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Our Journey

Our goal is to build strong partnerships with good clients. We don’t work for companies… We work with peopleAnd we go out of our way to make our people happy.

As an epicenter of content creation in the heart of Johannesburg, Hard-Time Productions has been offering artists a truly inspirational and openly creative space for years. After its establishment in 2013, this queen of the local sound scene provides studio time to aspiring and established artists alike; with world-class equipment in a space that is pulsing with history.

But we are not just a studio anymore, the past years have seen us develop into a fully-fledged music community center designed to form the new backbone of our industry. Besides recording services, the  is now a platform for workshops and industry events to help creatives connect and collaborate as they craft the next generation of sounds, we also have an inhouse online radio station and a  film and television production house.



Hard-Time Productions Launches Film & Television Production Service(s)

You need the experts without the overheads. You need a video production team with decades of collective experience, both in media production AND in business. You need a friendly team of experts in Johannesburg, South Africa, who will your take your project from concept, to script, to filming and editing, with outstanding animation and motion graphics along the way. That’s us!


Hard-Time Productions Launches African Vibe Radio

In 2019, we launched African Vibe Radio, an online radio station located in at our studios in Braamfontein,  Johannesburg focusing on 100% African content.


Hard-Time Productions Launches Artist(s) Management Services

2017 saw Hard-Time Productions establishing artist(s) management services. Part of our specialty is in helping rising new artists get the exposure, publicity and attention they need to grow their career. Assisting in getting new artists noticed and discovered by media and fans is our goal.


Hard-Time Productions Launches

Hard-Time Productions is a media house that is motivated by the belief that community arts and participatory media practices play a vital role in building and sustaining healthy communities.

Music Production

Hard-Time Productions offers the highest quality recording, mixing, mastering, and music production.


Make recordings with confidence!  Capture your music with world-class precision and clarity!

We have premium microphones, mic preamps, Protools HD, combined with high-end outboard gear from SSL, Manley, API, Tubetech, Lexicon, Eventide as well as all the sought after digital plugin bundles from Waves, Avid, Antares, and more.


“When you are tired of dull, thin-sounding ITB (In-The-Box) mixes from your home studio, come over to Hard-Time Productions and take your songs to the next level!” 

We will mix your music through our analog SSL 6000 E Series console combined with the crystal clarity of our Apogee converters giving the dimension, depth, bottom, and that “Major-Label” sound your music is missing!

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say...

Had a great experience booking a time at the Hard-Time Productions. The Producer was extremely professional and accommodating. I recorded a single track and the studio was perfect for what I needed. I’d definitely book it again!
Great overall experience with this recording studio, so many new and different sets. Great location in the heart of Braamfontein �� Defiantly going to come back and tell creatives about this location! 10/10 would recommend
Absolutely [censored] amazing! Couldn't have had anyone better to record us! Lots of innovative ideas and a great flow of creativity and enthusiasm ​[...] the best of the best.
Nathalie Moore
“Slinky’s hard working and skilled team were a pleasure to work with on our product videos. Communication was excellent from pre to post production.”
Luiz Enrique

Mastering is a vital part of the recording process and is often overlooked.

After we mix your songs to perfection, we will use professional analog and digital enhancement to limit, compress, equalize, de-“ess”, and add any other sonic character or quality essential to achieve the desired commercial quality!


We can add additional vocals or instruments to enhance your project!

Vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, keys, drums etc. can be added to enhance your recording.  If your music is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize your sound on the spot. For example, adding a “fatter”, “punchier” kick drum, piano, strings or horn part to a dull sounding beat can make a world of difference.

We’ll be glad to discuss your goals and project costs.

Film & Television Production

Hard-Time Production is the best when it comes to South African film facilitation and production.  Taking the industry by storm, the company prides itself in always offering our clients the very best in services and supplies.  With Hard-Time Productions at your side, you can sit back and focus on your art and leave us to deal with the admin.  

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  • Hard-Time Productions was designed for you.
  • We provide versatile studio spaces for Audio, Video, Photo and Film shoots.
  • We take pride in offering studio spaces, suitable for a variety of productions.

Our goal is to build strong partnerships with good clients. We don’t work for companies… We work with peopleAnd we go out of our way to make our people happy.