We provide music for  commercials, documentaries, television series, theater and other shows. We can compose just the right music and sound design for your needs. We can provide and record voice overs and deliver broadcast quality products.’

We work with brands, production companies, and content creators to produce media of higher quality. Each shoot, each music recording or event is personalized and tailored to your specific needs.


About Us

Hard-Time Productions was designed for you.
We provide versatile studio spaces for Audio, Video, Photo and Film shoots.
We take pride in offering studio spaces, suitable for a variety of productions.
Our mission is to contribute broadly, extensively and positively in the South African and international entertainment industry by providing innovated quality entertainment. Again, the organisation publishes audio and visual art material released in various forms. We strive for excellence. Our focus is on  promoting
performing artists from acting, music, modelling and so on.
Years of Experience

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